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Cillian Press open their doors!

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release – August 2018

Professional fiction editors for writers




Manchester based independent publisher Cillian Press have opened their doors granting aspiring new writers access to their publishing Editors for a limited period.

Over the years they have seen many manuscripts get rejected that might have had potential but lacked in quality in terms of writing, structure and in some cases their submission pitch. As such, recognising that this is a common problem for many new writers, they decided to create an editing service that would help talented new writers perfect their fiction but also help them pitch it correctly in order to increase its appeal for both agents and publishers.

Cillian Editing Services - Fiction Editors

Get your manuscript appraised by an Editor from an independent publishing company

They operate with a small dedicated team that primarily specialise in literary fiction for both the adult and young adult markets. Their Editors are very experienced within the book industry and are adept in spotting narrative detail that works and can help with specific areas that need improving, including the familiar pitfalls that writers sometimes fall into. For those wishing to self-publish, they offer a full range of editing services to get you to a print-ready stage. Cillian’s passion for quality writing can be seen by the individually selected contemporary fiction titles that they have published from some of the finest new and emerging authors out there today.

Are you a writer striving to achieve a superior level of writing, or perhaps you have submitted work to agents and publishers but never got anywhere? It’s time to send  in your manuscript!


Follow the link below to have your work initially appraised.

Cillian Editing Services – Manuscript Assessment