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File Upload Information - Full Editing Service
Accepted Formats: Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Formats .Docx (preferred) / .PDF /.Doc
Max File Size: 10 MB
Max Nbr of Files: 1 File Only
File Name: Try to Include Manuscript Title and Author Name
Internal Format: Keep it simple with single readable font used throughout
- 11-12 pt size, 1.5 line spacing
Remove unnecessary text as it increases word count
- e.g. No need for headers / footers
Other Tips: Keep punctuation consistent throughout
(Dialogue Quotes, Em Dashes, Section Separators etc.)
Try to correct as many errors as possible before submitting.
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Full Editing Service - Introduction

Welcome Back!

By now you will have already received our Editor's initial feedback and are ready to have your manuscript undergo a full comprehensive Edit by one of our experienced Editors. If you are intending to make any last minute revisions based on our initial feedback please do it before uploading it in the next step. This will be the only document that your Editor will be working from until the Editing process has been completed.

Well Done - it sounds like you've got something promising!

Best wishes,

The Cillian Team

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Service status update: Looks like there are a few manuscripts in the queue. We're still accepting but just expect a slight delay with your order.

Manuscript Assessments

This service is Temporarily on hold.

We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of the services that we provide. We put great care and effort into every manuscript that we receive. Our commitment is to give each manuscript its every chance for success. As such, it can sometimes take a bit longer for some.

To prevent serious delays our system will occasionally place certain service products on hold so that our Editors can work through the existing manuscripts in the queue. Once these have been processed the system will automatically re-enable the service and you’ll be able to upload your manuscript to us.

Please bear with us during this busy period and check back with us soon.

The Cillian Team

Until further notice, this service has been disabled.

Please check back with us again to see if it has been re-enabled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Cillian team