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Before we Start:
Depending on your product selection we may need the following items:

  • Physical Book Dimensions (also known as Trim Sizes)
  • Jacket/Cover Graphic
  • Any special printer-specific requirements

Note: We currently do not offer a jacket/cover design service.

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Genre and Readership Category

Let the Design Team know what your intended audience is. Check all genres that applies to your work and then select the most appropriate reader category.

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Upload your Manuscript to our Design Team

We will only accept manuscripts written by you as the author and sole copyright holder. That the work is original and has not been previously commercially published; that it does not contravene any existing copyright; that it is not libelous or defamatory, and that all factual statements contained within are, to your knowledge, true.
By continuing, you are accepting these terms.

File Upload Information - Layout & Design Team
Accepted Formats: Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF Formats .Docx (preferred) / .PDF /.Doc
Max File Size: 10 MB
Max Nbr of Files: 1 File Only
File Name: Try to Include Manuscript Title and Author Name
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Physical Book Formats

If you are still undecided about what trim size to use, here are a few pointers. For standard novels, we'd recommend a Demi format 5.5 x 8.5" (216 x 140mm). This is an industry standard for trade paperbacks. For younger audiences we'd recommend going a little smaller - 5.25 x 8" (203 x 133mm). These trim sizes will also be available in all markets. However, always check with your provider to ensure that the trims size that you select will be available for all countries. Smaller trim sizes will cost more to produce as they'll inevitably have more pages. This article might also help..

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eBook Formats

That's great. As these graphic files can be very large, we'll send you instructions on how to get it over to us later.

We can design the internal part of your eBook now without a finished cover graphic. This is fine for Amazon submissions as they require a separate file for internal and cover. For other formats the cover may need to be integrated into the eBook itself. We can do this for you at a later date if you do not currently have a cover graphic ready. As we would have to revisit the project it would incur an additional fee of £40 to integrate it at a later date.

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Custom Add On Services

Please select the custom service that you require.

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You're almost Set!

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Service status update: Looks like our design team are going through a busy period.
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Design Team

Our book design and eBook services have been temporarily placed hold.

We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of the services that we provide. We put great care and effort into every manuscript that we receive. Our commitment is to give each manuscript its every chance for success. As such, it can sometimes take a bit longer for some.

To prevent serious delays our system will occasionally place certain products on hold so that our Team can work through the existing jobs in the queue. Once these have been processed the system will automatically re-enable these services and you’ll be able to upload your manuscript to us.

Please bear with us during this busy period and check back with us soon.

The Cillian Team

Until further notice, our book design and eBook services have been disabled.

Please check back with us again to see if it has been re-enabled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Cillian team