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Comprehensive range of Editing Services for aspiring writers wishing to transform their manuscripts.

Utilising invaluable guidance from our in-house publishing Editors, you'll receive professional feedback, constructive critique, comprehensive manuscript editing and industry insights into what makes a narrative more commercially attractive over others. Whether you're a writer serious about getting a publishing deal or perhaps an experienced writer considering self-publishing, we offer a range of services that will help you achieve your goal.

Our professional book publisher editors will first assess your completed manuscript in its current form. You will receive direct feedback based on their initial impressions and most importantly whether or not it is ready for more comprehensive editing. We also provide a meticulously detailed copy editing service once you have finalised and are completely happy with your novel. For those choosing the self-publishing route, our experienced book layout design and eBook experts can prepare your final book ready for print submission.

Manuscript Initial Assessment

Manuscript Assessment

Detailed Manuscript Editing

Fiction manuscript Editing

Final Manuscript
Copy Editing

Manuscript Copy Editing

Book Typography & Layout Design

Typography and Book Layout Design

eBook Conversion & Design

eBook Conversion and Design

Transform your manuscript using invaluable advice from a publisher

Bring your Book to LifeHere's how it works

Receive your initial manuscript evaluation in 3 Simple Steps


The process is simple. Give us some detail about your manuscript to ensure that it's ready for us to assess, follow our instructions to upload it, make a payment and you're all set.

Your manuscript will be placed in a queue ready for one of our Editors to assess. Once they’ve had a chance to read through it they will provide you with their thoughts, its eligibility for next stage detailed editing along with any necessary instructions. The comprehensive book editing service is a much more in depth process resulting in a detailed report and a one-to-one email and/or telephone consultation. 

For a complete listing of the services that we provide please see Our Services page. Take some time to read through our complete set of services and how each process works. Our competitively simplified price structure can be found on Our Fees page.

Once you are ready to submit your work for comprehensive editing you can click on the button below to start the initial assessment process.

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