About Us

Introducing Cillian Editing Services

About Us

Cillian Editing Services (CES) is a division of Cillian Press, an independent book publisher based in Manchester, UK. As a publisher, we specialise in a wide range of quality literary fiction and are proud to have published an excellent selection of contemporary fiction from some of the finest new and emerging authors out there today.

Over the years we have received thousands of manuscript submissions and our small dedicated Cillian team have relentlessly read through each and every submission. Whilst we would like to have published many of them, the unfortunate fact of the publishing industry is that you only have enough resource and budgets to publish a select few. Many aspiring writers, after that all too familiar rejection email, had lots of questions relating to where they had gone wrong but, as much as we’d have liked to give advice, it’s simply not possible to get into a feedback conversation given the sheer volume of manuscripts that we read through.

As a result and recognising that this is a common problem for many new writers trying to enter the market we decided to set up Cillian Editing Services. Utilising our publishing experience and having seen the many pitfalls that aspiring writers fall into we have tailored our services to help bridge the gap between writer and that prospective publisher/agent by allowing you access to our talented in-house editors. By doing so, we hope that this will not only help improve the quality of your finished novel (that might otherwise have gone into a rejection pile) but will also help you tailor a winning submission to back it up. Our aim is to optimise your manuscript by maximising its potential and marketability in order to increase its appeal for both publishers and agents.

One last and important note: Whilst CES is affiliated with Cillian Press and the editors that you will be working with are Cillian Press editors, please note that this is not an automatic submission route into Cillian Press as your work will be treated independently to our publishing operations. It is however, a great way to have your work independently and professionally assessed prior to submission to any publisher and/or agents.