Our Editing Services

Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, we have a range of editing services for those that are serious about their writing and wish to impress publishers and agents.

We provide a wide range of editing services for fiction writers utilizing our specialised team of Cillian Press Editors. Our developmental book editing services are aimed at both new aspiring writers and more experienced authors wishing to improve their skills and working towards a goal to become the next best seller.

Sure - we'd all like to be the next best seller! Apart from having a lucky break in a very competitive market, you'll also need some key ingredients too. Our experienced Editors know what works and what doesn't.

  • What keeps a reader engaged ?
  • What really brings your characters to life?
  • How can a change in the structure, plot, dialogue and hooks unequivocally improve the story's appeal ?
  • Finally, how can you convince book publishers and literary agents that your manuscript is the next best thing since sliced bread?

These are just some of the many key principles that your Editor will be looking at. Beyond the mechanics of narrative development they will also be looking at ways to optimise your manuscript by maximising its potential and marketability in order to increase its appeal for both prospective publishers and agents - after all they know what readers are buying. So, the services that we provide cater for those seeking a future publishing deal but also include additional services for self-published writers that want to produce a well-polished, professionally finished end-product.

As you will be working with real publishing editors (and their time is rather precious), we have a mandatory Assessment stage before your work can be eligible for a more comprehensive edit. This is also a very economical way to get an inside track on whether or not your manuscript is worth pursuing in its current form (a subject for a book in itself). As an independent publisher, we have read through thousands of manuscripts. We know the playing field and the level of competition. As such, we have added this mandatory assessment step to avoid you spending unnecessarily.

We provide a complete set of professional manuscript editing services specifically tailored for you, the aspiring writer who wants your new novel to stand out from the rest and to give your manuscript its every chance for success.

First Stage Manuscript Assessment

All manuscripts must be submitted for eligibility before proceeding to a full manuscript edit. Our Editors will scan through your entire work in its current form and assess whether or not it is ready for the next stage. You will receive a short editor’s feedback report outlining the main issues found. As each manuscript will be unique, the editor's feedback will be tailored to your specific work. Ultimately, you will be informed whether or not it is at a stage ready for full editing. This independent, unbiased and professional feedback should be carefully considered and is generally not much more than one page. If eligible, detailed reporting and editing is done at the next stage.

Full Manuscript Editing and Marketing

Once eligible, we provide professional and in-depth editing of your manuscript. With access to one of our in-house Cillian book editors, this entails a more detailed analysis and critique of your work. This comprehensive editing service is crucial for those that are considering sending it in for agent and/or publisher submission. Your Editor will look at all aspects including structure, narrative, character development, pace, realism and writing style. A detailed editor's report will be provided with recommendations. When necessary, you will have direct access to the Editor so that areas for improvement and potential options can be discussed and clarified. Once the initial consultation is complete you will have time to think about the suggestions and make any necessary changes that you deem to be important. Once you are happy with these changes you will have the opportunity to re-submit your manuscript to your Editor and a final analysis will be done. Your Editor will then provide you with his final thoughts and any last minute suggestions.

You will also be provided with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively pitch your novel to agents and publishers. This is a crucial and somewhat overlooked part of the process. You’ll have put great effort into perfecting your manuscript but it’s also vital that you correctly market it to the industry, especially if you are a new writer. We will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide and tips on how to perfect your submission pitch. Inspired by the sheer volume of submissions that we have received over the years and the mistakes that many writers have made when pitching a novel, this section of the detailed editor's report will become invaluable to you. Our insider’s submission pitching tips, combined with the changes made in response to your Editor should greatly increase your novel's chances of publication.

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Our Copy Editing Service

Our submissions team will tell you that they can spot a professionally copy edited manuscript within the first few pages of speed reading it – at which point you’ve already got them on your side! Whilst every manuscript has typos and inconsistencies, a well copy edited piece of work really sets it apart from the competition.

Whilst our full manuscript editing service described above is a very detailed process, it primarily focuses on the narrative and other stylistic aspects but it will not include the detailed scrutiny of the text that a copy editor brings to the process. Copy editing is generally carried out at the final stage, once you are content with everything and have made any necessary changes that transform a good book into a great one. It involves the most intense form of checking and should always be carried out by a professional book copy editor. They search for many forms of inconsistencies, in punctuation and spelling but also factual cross-referencing and continuity errors, just to name a few. It is an art and requires such enormous concentration and talent that really good fiction copy editors are hard to come by! If you are seriously trying to make inroads into a writing career, this is a service that we'd highly recommend.

Typesetting and Book Layout Design

Our specialist book typesetting and layout design team have a wealth of experience in designing your book interior specifically geared to suit and entice your intended readership. The exact art of book typesetting and preparing text for final publication requires meticulous attention to detail and has a direct influence on a reader’s experience.  We prepare and transform your manuscript into a clean, attractive publishable finished product with perfect page composition that will meet all technical specifications required by your intended printer.

Each manuscript is first checked and cleaned of formatting and then imported into specialised software. Our eagle-eyed team then sets about choosing the right typeface, font size and begins the process of standardising the overall layout based on the dimensions of your intended book. You’ll receive a first-stage proof so that you can see how the book is progressing and provide initial feedback. The more detailed second stage goes deeper and our team will start refining your text paragraph by paragraph using publisher-standard styles. The text is continually tweaked by removing widows and orphans, fine-tuning space between lines, utilising optical alignment and getting the right balance of white space and text on each page that ultimately creates that professional, clean attractive book interior that will set your book apart from the rest. Your manuscript is prepared to a mainstream publishing industry standard so you can expect the finished book to be of the highest-quality.

You’ll receive a final PDF proof for approval at the end of the process. Once you are happy with everything we’ll send you the final product in PDF format that can be then submitted to your printer. We’re happy to assist you with this if you need help. If you spot something that requires a last minute change that’s okay too. Provided it is a small change let us know and we’ll make the change free of charge and provide you with an updated final copy.

eBook Design and Conversion

Our eBook design and conversion service enables you to maximise your readership by converting your manuscript into a high standard beautifully created eBook that will be compatible for all popular eBook devices available out there today.  Using the most recent industry standard eBook specifications, our highly talented team will convert your manuscript into a re-flowable eBook compatible for Amazon, Apple, Kobo and many other eBook retailers. There is lots of technical know-how required to ensure error free compatibility of eBooks. This is mainly down to the sheer number of different devices each with varying screen sizes. The important thing to note is that while a printed book page composition is fixed, eBook text changes depending on the device it’s being read from. As such, text re-flows to fill the screen and is no longer fixed. This is also true when a reader increases the print size.

As with our book layout service, we recommend that you provide us with your final copy-edited version of your manuscript as making considerable changes after the book typesetting and eBook design completion stages are not straight forward and will unnecessarily incur charges. The process follows a similar path to our book typesetting service and you may wish to opt for a combined service which reduces the overall cost. You’ll receive a draft proof with instructions on how you can view it. Our team then refines your eBook further and a number of eBook formats are created. These are then tested across several devices to ensure consistency. When testing is complete you’ll receive the eBook files ready for submission to your desired retailers. 

Note: We currently do not offer a book cover design service. You will need to provide us with a cover graphic so that we can integrate it into the eBook. Some eRetailers will require you to upload a book cover separately from your eBook but we can advise depending on what your intentions are.